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Cinco Tacos, Cocina & Tequila Beltline

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Two planchada corn tortillas with refried beans and toasted cheese, topped with grilled diced shrimp, onions, peppers and bacon. Quesadilla Recipes There's more to a quesadilla than just plain cheese and tortilla.

Check out these delectable spins on the classic Mexican dish and your tastebuds will thank you. The quesadilla was probably the best i have ever had!

8 Common Quesadilla Cooking Mistakes

It was so big that i could only eat half of it. The flan was also delicious!! I cant wait to bring my son that loves the ones from Taco Bell man he is in for a treat!

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Chicken Quesadillas

July 20, See All. Photos. See All/5(99). Planchada quesadilla, grilled diced shrimp, onion, bell peppers, and bacon. Served with a bullet of guacamole and a bullet of Mexican street corn.

Order online and read reviews from La Quesadilla Mexican Grill at Wicker Ave # 13 in St John from trusted St John restaurant reviewers. Includes the menu, 1 review, photos, and 2 dishes from La Quesadilla Mexican Grill.5/5(1).

Zanella business planchada quesadilla
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