Limitations of financial accounting

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Limitations of Financial Accounting

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Limitations of Financial Statements

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What are the Limitations of Financial Accounting?

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The limitations of financial statements are those factors that a user should be aware of before relying on them to an excessive extent.

Knowledge of these factors could result in a reduction of invested funds in a business, or actions taken to investigate further. Limitations of Financial Accounting The main reason for the development of cost accounting is the limitations of financial accounting.

Hence, causes for the development of cost accounting and limitations of financial accounting are one and the same. Financial accounting suffers from the following limitations which have been responsible for the emergence of cost and management accounting.


Top 7 Limitations of Financial Accounting

Financial accounting does not provide detailed cost information for different departments, processes, products, jobs in the production divisions. The primary limitation of financial statements is its heavy reliance on historical costs, indifference to inflation, prone to frauds, easily manipulated, etc.

Financial statement limitations are relatable with current markets looking at the accounting and financial fraud in the news every day. Today is the final segment in this series, we will discuss the limitations of the financial statements and accounting practices.

This information is just as vitally important when making business decisions based on the financial statements and accountancy of a company.

Limitations of financial accounting
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Top 7 Limitations of Financial Accounting