Is style more important than substance

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Style vs. Substance

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The Substance of Style

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Substance over form

· Triumph of sartorial style over political substance. That would have been a real disaster on a night when style proved far more important than substance. Tony Wright is Age national  · The Local columnist Lina Brammertz argues that the Scandinavian nation is less green than it would have you believe.

Why Norway's green image is much more style than substance. The Local. [email protected] @thelocalnorway. 12 April CEST+ the oil agenda seems to become more important than green Each therapists' personality will filter through and inform their style of care.

More important than any particular method a therapist can use is the quality of the therapist-client relationship. I treat all my clients with dignity and! This may be hard to accept, or easy to accept, depending on your personality.

The truth is that you are most judged, weighed, and measured during the time you set your first impression. That. · Substance is more important than style. To me it is. I can't speak for any other people. I think Tim Kaine made some very clear points regarding democratic party policy over republican party policy.

My take on the VP debate. Substance is more important than style. (Original post) lovemydog: Oct OP: And now there are already at least 1. Definition (expr.) to think looks are more important than content.

Examples The president’s speech was style over substance. He didn’t make very good points, but it sounded good. blurt! Add to My

Is style more important than substance
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Is Style More Important Than Substance? It Is, Actually.