Interstate business college a case study in fraud examin

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Interstate Business College (IBC), founded incollapsed in the wake of allegations of top management fraud. The allegations became public when 23 former students filed a lawsuit against the director and owner of IBC, alleging misappropriation of student funds.


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DOSCH UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA (e.g. the Interstate Business College case [Peterson and Buckhoff, ]). We also had guest speakers from the FBI, a private investigations firm, and l ocal law enforcement.

Fraud Examiners. Solution. JASCO Consulting collaborate online and join international and interstate video conferences. Benefits This case study is for informational purposes.

interstate business college a case study in fraud examin. case study1: and the fraud continues a business can not work out without an account system, which includes internal. internal controls are used by companies to make sure. INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - Interstate Business College: A Case Study in Fraud Examination / Peterson, Bonita K / Buckhoff, Thomas A INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - Hard Times and Harder Choices: An Instructional Case Focusing on Ethical Responsibilities of CPAs in Public Practice / Knapp, Michael C / Knapp, Carol A.

Interstate business college a case study in fraud examin
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