How does deforestation affect birds

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Amazon's doomed species set to pay deforestation's 'extinction debt'

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Deforestation also affects nearby rivers, streams, and other water sources as nutrients from the soil are removed through leaching, which happens when water (e.g., from rain) removes soluble nutrients from the soil and carries them elsewhere. Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Bird Communities in Jamaica.

Throughout the world, the land tropical forests stand on is being converted to agriculture, urbanization, and other human land uses. Deforestation affecting migratory birds Deforestation and hunting have drastically reduced the number of migratory birds at the picturesque Samastipur bird sanctuary in Bihar.

PTI | Dec 15, Deforestation also affects the lives of millions of people.

Deforestation Effects on Ecosystems

A large number of people derive their income from the products made out of wood like rubber. Trees also provide shelter to animals and birds and in the absence of forests; these animals will flock to other far areas.

Thus, we still have limited understanding of relative effects of habitat loss and fragmentation and the impacts of different types of land cover and land uses on species patterns and processes in. Deforestation is one of the most dramatic land uses affecting migratory birds because it changes or removes entire regions of ecosystems and habitats.

From a bird’s eye view, the impact of land use on tropical forests is unmistakable.

How does deforestation affect birds
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